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Run Your Government or It Will Run You!

WSE C 300dpi 2I am practicing what I preach.  I really do not care what political flavor you are, I want to help people realize that anyone can and should run for office, especially local offices.  If we are all active and involved the consolidation of power is much more difficult.  It was the founders’ intent to design a system that slowed the growth of tyranny and provided for mechanisms to overcome that tyranny when it occured.  Federalism created checks and balances that force the different levels of government to compete for your power.  The ultimate check and balancing factor in the whole system is YOU the individual and the power of your vote.

Aside from returning the Florida House Seat #28 back to the people, this campaign will be centered around returning confidence to We the People that it is our government to run, instead of the other way around.  It won’t be about a party, or a label, or a single issue – It will be about YOU!runyour

I welcome You to the campaign.  I hope my team can excite you into being an engaged citizen that realizes You can let other people control your life, or You can begin to drive your own destiny.  Politics is in everything, and State Politics in particular, literally, governs almost every aspect of your life.  Who knows best for YOU?

Run Your Government or Your Government Will Run YOU!

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