1 Person Pledge

People always ask, “How can I make a difference?  I am just one person.”

I am going to show you how together we can prove that YOU and only YOU can make a difference.

With a little bit of time and a minimal amount of commitment YOU can change the course of history.  YOU can influence YOUR government.

The Pledge is simple:

YOU commit to voting for Edmonds for FL House 28 and YOU commit to finding 1 person a day – 5 days a week.  The plan is that one of the 5 will commit to doing the same.


1 aday


For your #PoliticalHealth – #BeThePeople

The word of mouth name recognition will be enough to achieve victory.  We all ready have several people taking a few seconds every day to change the future for all of us.  When you join us by committing to telling 5 people a week with the aim of finding one that will do the same – You will create a voice and voting block that can win the election.

Then YOU will run YOUR government instead of it running YOU.

I will run MY government, I take the 1 Person Pledge:

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