Alternative Energy

The State of Florida is uniquely positioned to lead the world in a number of endeavors.  The production of alternative energy is one entire segment that we could be a lead exporter for.  We are the Sunshine State and receive an ample amount of solar rays.  The technology is here.  Examples exist all over the globe of how to take advantage of the sun and we have a surplus of technical geniuses, I am quite certain that if barriers were removed, solar would flourish in Florida.

Another incredible advantage we enjoy because of our peninsula is a plethora of fast moving currents, including one of the biggest in the world within sight of shore.  We can and should be developing ways to harness this energy.  There is limited research, but I believe this to be an important possibility in our potentials for energy independence.

There are several other ways to generate energy, including converting waste and reusing oils, but the single most impactful solution is through agriculture.  We have the resources in Florida to grow our energy.  There are dozens of energy crops that if produced in enough mass can produce bio ethanol or bio diesel or be processed in a bio mass capacity.  My personal choice would be hemp.  It is one of the largest producers of seed oil and excellent for bio mass as well.  There is more than enough available farm land to produce hemp, camilina, caranata, chia, just to name a few.  This will also, provide an incredible stimulus to the agricultural industry producing jobs and economic opportunity.

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