Equality to me means an equal playing field.   We all have different attributes, advantages, and disadvantages, but if we are playing by the same set of rules applied the same way then we have equality.  This of course means that we have many areas in which we need to make improvements.  This topic is always a sensitive one, so it will be the goal of the campaign to expand on it as people have questions or concerns.   Please leave a comment down below to address specific concerns.

I think two areas that have been lacking in equality in our recent history have been in regards to orientation and enforcement.  While we have made strides in keeping the government out of personal lives and the Supreme Court has ruled that laws forbidding same sex marriage are Unconstitutional there are still a surprising amount of people that care enough to get involved in other people’s personal decisions.  I don’t believe a church should be forced to marry anyone that does not subscribe to its tenants, but that is not the only place to tie the knot.  The government has no right, place or authority to discriminate in any contractual matter, including marriage.

The other area that I have identified as unequal and unjust is the War on Drugs or more specifically the enforcement realities of the War on Drugs.  The horribly failed policy has cost too much money, too many lives, and has nothing to show except losing results and a militarized police force.  Unintended or not, the results of this policy have displaced three generations of a specific ethnic group and heightened racial tensions with each year the war continues.

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