I have been an environmental advocate for most of my life.  When you are a libertarian or conservative that champions the environment the label is conservationist.  This is one of the few labels that I like.  I believe whole heatedly that conservation achieved through education is one of the keys to helping our society achieve sustainability.  I am a green entrepreneur by nature and most of my business endeavors and jobs over the last decade have included this in one form or another.  I am confident that we are on the road of finding workable solutions for managing our resources because it is being proven that there is profit and reward for conserving and managing resources in a sustainable manner.

On a more local level I have been fighting sprawling development since I sat on the Land Planning Agency for Oviedo from 1999-2001.  There is plenty of work to be done in the urban areas through traditional development, in-fill and redevelopment, before we even need to think about pushing the rural boundary.  Unfortunately, it is a constant struggle to prevent yet another poorly planned sprawl.   I will be an advocate for the rural areas as I have always been.

Another area that I have donated countless hours of effort to is water policy.  This has been a passion since growing up on a couple of rivers and the ocean.  I am very keenly aware of the water woes facing this state, of which there are many.  I was elected to the Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District from 2002 to 2006 where I worked closely with the groups dealing with a variety of water resource issues in Seminole County.  Recently, I helped found One Florida Foundation to become a point of negotiation between the stakeholders dealing with Florida’s water resources.  Through this activity I have been fortunate to develop relationships with many of the key players and legislators in this policy.   It will be a policy area that I continue to work on regardless of my political position.

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