Industrial Hemp

The only reason why industrial hemp is not a thriving part of our economy is because of industrial collusion to eliminate a natural competitor.   George Washington – our founding farmer advocated for hemp as the primary crop and encouraged the seeds to be sowed everywhere.  It is quite likely the world’s most versatile crop.  It grows 4 times faster than any wood tree and produces twice as much bio mass.  It can grow in every state of the union and does so naturally.  It has soil enriching properties, meaning it takes all the bad elements out and puts good nutrients back.  So it is an excellent cover crop.  Depending on what product you are growing for, an acre of hemp will sell for $600-$1200.  An acre can be cycled at least 3 and sometimes 5 times a year.  Considering the average per acre profit in Florida is between $250 and $350, this could be a huge opportunity for our farmers.  It can be grown on almost any land and including old citrus rows and it rehabilitates the soil.  It has 20,000 plus known uses including a few different types of fuels.  It can and should be used as a nutritional food supplement.  Perhaps the strongest argument for removing the prohibition on industrial hemp is that you could smoke the entire fields and not get high.  Its not a drug – we should stop treating it like one.  The economic advantages far outweigh any perceived or concocted refer madness leftover from the original demonization of this extremely useful and profitable crop.

Potential Economic Impact for Florida


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