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Medical Cannabis has been utilized on this planet for thousands of years. It is a very neutral reactant drug that has no known overdoses.  Despite it being legal in over 23 states and countless hours of research and personal testimony, the Florida Legislature has seen fit to address this concern with its usual political gaming, resulting in very limited access.  You might ask, “Well what’s the big deal?”  The big deal is that in many cases pharmaceutical drugs are perfectly legal to proscribe despite the lengthy lists of side effects that might even include death.  Cannabis has very few detrimental effects and has never killed anyone.  It has been shown through studies conducted throughout the world to have positive results with the many of the worst diseases we face today in our society.  AIDS, ALS, Alzheimers, MS, Chrones, Diabetes, Glucoma, Cancer (several different types), Arthritis, Eating Disorders, PSTD, and on and on and on.

One of the more important areas that medical cannabis has been shown effective where synthetic drugs fail is in epilepsy.  There are thousands of cases in the state of Florida and many of them are children.  I have met some of these kids and adults and I have witnessed what cannabis treatment can do for them.  It is not the mom’s  or patients that should be criminals – its the legislators refusing to act that fit that description.

Aside from treating the terminal and deeply suffering, cannabis has a place in minor health care and management.  Of course the pharmaceutical companies would prefer that you become dependent on their synthetic derivatives of opiates and more addicting drugs that require endless refills and solid health insurance to cover the high costs.

Floridians should have the Health Freedom to utilize cannabis for their medicinal needs, especially if proscribed by a licensed physician.

A comprehensive list of studies involving cannabis and cancer can be found here.

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